I celebrated my New Year in bed at 9pm.

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Cigarette: 3 sticks
Coffee: 1 can of nescafe latte
Swear words: 4 words so far...
This is true at the time of publication. After that, you shouldn't take me too seriously.

Ok. I need a new laptop. I can't caps, can't shift and can't ctrl and can't tab.
I want a PS3 also. I think this Blu-Ray is a total monopoly bullshit by Sony. I hope it dies like how laser disc died.

I spent my new year's eve in Penang with a cycling friend, Ap. We're psyched up with the Malakoff Interstate Ride. Starting from Juru Autocity, Penang to Kedah to Bukit Merah, Perak and back to Penang. Clocked 149km.

During registration Ap and some bunch of guys who registered under Malakoff, didn't get a Manhattan Fish Market coupon. One of the kakaks from Malakoff finally yelled,

"Alamak dah habis dah kupon tu! Dapat diskaun RM5 Manhattan Fish Market jek! Itu pun nak ke?"

Hello, aku dah bayar RM30, naklah segala benda yang patut aku dapat. Kalau aku datang jauh-jauh biarlah berbaloi habis-habisan. Kalau tak pun, the kakak should say things politely. At least. Hehe.

But the first day was a hard one for me. The last 35km was bloody dragging, hot hot heat and I think I mandi all my water bottles. The road was so flat I think I can see KLCC.

Hello, no training yet I managed 140km ok!

Yup, no training whatsoever. The last ride I did was in October with Putrajaya Critical Mass. And that was a slow ride and only 20km. I did cycle just to hang my balls on the saddle for just 30km. Then bang I did 149km.

Saw some jambu stalls along the way. I shouted "Wah jambu!" to Ap. He smiled. The kakak jambu smiled and continue shouted,

"Kalau saya ada duit sekarang saya bukan beli jambu je kak! Saya beli ais sekali!"

Me and Ap, followed this one group from Tanjung Bin Malakoff. It was a good pack at first until the one pulling the pack got too excited thinking they're on a glamour ride. They kept on waving to the bystanders like some menteri on a bike rally thus making the peloton slow. Dah la makin slow then tak nak ke belakang bagi orang lain tarik!

I had a nice tan though. So lepas ni jalan-jalan mana-mana boleh pakai baju lengan pendek tunjuk belang. Kepala hotak dia. :P

The next day, 1 January, me and Ap were too tired to continue to ride. Didn't regret it. I told myself that I rather DNS than DNF. The second day ride was only 74km somewhat but I don't want to risk anything as my body still aches.

I'm in denial. Hardcore.

But anyway, I managed the first day so it's all good. Got my cert, my tee and other goodies. The only thing I regret was the fact I didn't bring along a camera. Brought my Electro 35 instead. I develop the film later today. See how it turns out.

It was a great event. Didn't make friends. But we saw Wahid Senario and his group from Media Prima on the way back to KL. He gave us the thumbs up. I think because we gave a couple of them hell at a climb on the first day.

What a way (ride) to start the new year. If got pictures later I share la ok.